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Bible Study Guides and Resources

There are a number of options for you to consider as consider what Bible study materials to use. These are some of the more well known offerings.

If you have developed your own study guides or syllabus, we would love to see it. Contact us by email, or by phone at: (805) 413-7372.

Amazing Facts Study Guides – The lesson envelope contains 13 Bible study guides, which are illustrated in color and are in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Hectos Asombrosos – This lesson envelope contains 14 Bible study guides (Spanish). The guides are illustrated in color and are in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Home at Last Bible Study Guide – The set of eight lessons provides a good introduction to biblical perspectives on sin, salvation, prayer, and Christ’s return, to name a few of the topics covered.

How to Give a Bible Study – Pastor Ralph had said it was simple. Take a gift Bible, knock on a door and tell whoever answers that if they complete the whole series of lessons, the Bible was theirs to keep.  Kurt knocked on thirty doors. People politely refused his offer. But then he met Pat.

iFollow Bible Study GuidesBible Study Basics builds on the premise that for Seventh-day Adventists, called “people of the book,” discipleship cannot be understood except in terms of a process fed by Bible study. In nurturing disciples, one of the things we often fail to do is teach them how to study the Bible; we tell our growing members they should study, but we rarely take the time to provide the sort of training that makes that imperative possible. The lessons in this book will help church members learn more about the process of Bible study and how it leads to a discipleship relationship with Jesus.

It Is Written Bible Study Guides – These guides will lead you on an in-depth study of the Bible. Important subjects will open up to your understanding, and you will encounter God’s promise of true peace and eternal security. (Set of 25, 12-page lessons)

It’s My Choice – This revised edition of It’s My Choice was created by Steve and Marit Case over the years as they learned more from God, from the “students” they have prepared for baptism, and through their interaction with each other. These 10 lessons are geared to prepare a person for baptism into the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

LifeLine Bible Study Guides – There are two books to this sets of study guides. Designed for those who want to study the key doctrines of the Bible in an easy-to-use format. Covers topics in two books and can be used either for personal or small group study.

Search for Certainty Bible Study Guides – These updated and revised Christ-centered Bible lessons present the traditional Adventist doctrines in a clear, carefully reasoned, faith-building way that will appeal to your unchurched friends. They can be used with any version of the Bible, are easy to understand, and have a fresh, contemporary design. Lesson package includes a complete set of lessons on 30 topics.

Studying Together – This pocket-sized Bible handbook (3 ½” x 7″) is packed with information to assist you in studying the beautiful Christ-centered truths of the Bible with your friends and neighbors.

Voice of Prophecy Bible Study Guides  – The Voice of Prophecy offers several Bible study courses including, Discover, Focus on Prophecy, KidZone and Studies for Small Groups.

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